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AI302 and Prime_Numbers API


Author matthewjheaney
Full name Matthew Heaney
Date 2004-05-12 07:48:39 PDT
Message Pascal writes:

While using AI302.Containers.Prime_Numbers, I have seen that this unit
depends on Charles.Algorithms.G​eneric_Lower_Bound. What is the story
this unit ? Is that a glitch in the current proposal ? Should
Charles.Algorithms.G​eneric_Lower_Bound be renamed

and Matt replies:

Hmmmm, I don't think there are any glitches. The Generic_Lower_Bound
algorithm is used to quickly find (it uses a binary search) the smallest
prime number equal to or greater than a given length.

In the cases where I copied Charles packages into the AI302.Containers
subsystem, it's because the types and/or semantics were different from

In the case of algorithms, however, they're just used to implement other
features of AI-302, and they can be used as is, so there's no need to
copy them out of Charles (for now, anyway).

Note also that there are no public generic algorithms in AI-302 (except
for array sorting), so there doesn't appear to be any need to create an
AI302.Algorithms subsystem. (And in the case of array sorting, those
two generic algorithms were added as generic child subprograms directly
under AI302.Containers.)


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