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AI302.Containers.Indefinite_Vectors questions


Author wfithen
Full name William L Fithen
Date 2004-04-22 19:16:15 PDT
Message Question 1:

What is supposed to be the different between the Generic_Iteration() and
Generic_Constant_Iteration() functions?

They appear to be (at least now) implemented the same.

Question 2:

Also, why do some passive iteration process() functions get cursor_type's
(as in AI302.Containers.Ind​efinite_Hashed_Maps)​ as argument and others (as
in AI302.Containers.Ind​efinite_Vectors) get the actual element? It seems to
make more sense to have the single element process() functions get an
Iterator_type rather than the element itself.

Will one approach or the other be preferred or will they remain

William L Fithen
CERT/Coordination Center
Software Engineering Institute
Carnegie Mellon University

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AI302.Containers.Indefinite_Vectors questions wfithen William L Fithen 2004-04-22 19:16:15 PDT
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