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Re: Lower_Bound Upper_Bound


Author Matthew Heaney <mheaney at on2 dot com>
Full name Matthew Heaney <mheaney at on2 dot com>
Date 2004-05-19 07:20:29 PDT
Message christoph grein wrote:

> OK, I see now the origin of the naming. So Lower_Bound and Upper_Bound denote
> the bounds of a search range, where the names make sense. However taken as
> functions by themselves, the names are still contra-intuitive, therefore I'm
> still with Tuck. (I do not care for STL names, this is Ada.)

OK, but do you have better names?

Ceiling is the same as Lower_Bound, but no one has been able to come up
with a better name for Upper_Bound. The names "Next" or "Succ" might work:

    I : Cursor := Ceiling (S, K1);
    J : constant Cursor := Next (S, K2);
    while I /= J loop ...;

> I do see the problems with missing end points. And why do you only consider
> loops over [A, B] and [A, B), but do not consider (A, B] and (A, B)?

There's nothing that precludes those half-open ranges. I didn't include
them in my examples because they're not very common.


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Re: Lower_Bound Upper_Bound Matthew Heaney <mheaney at on2 dot com> Matthew Heaney <mheaney at on2 dot com> 2004-05-19 07:20:29 PDT
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