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Re: PROGRAM_ERROR in a-cidlli.adb:815


Author Matthew Heaney <mheaney at on2 dot com>
Full name Matthew Heaney <mheaney at on2 dot com>
Date 2005-05-16 09:33:19 PDT
Message Alejandro R. Mosteo wrote:
> Matthew Heaney wrote:
>> The latest draft of AI-302 says that you can't do anything that might
>> modify an element behind-the-scenes, while Update_Element is calling
>> Process.all.
> I don't understand exactly what you mean here with "behind-the-scenes".
> I'll look at the AI-302 for details.
>> If you're getting the exception, it probably means you're calling an
>> operation, from inside Process, that modifies the container.
> Indeed after examining the stack trace I see I'm making a nested call of
> Update_Element from within another Update_Element for the same
> container. Though I'm not modifying the container, but the element via
> Process. I don't see why this could be "bad", I suppose the IA will
> clear this for me.


Good news. The ARG just recently liberalized the rules for
Update_Element. It is now acceptable to call Update_Element from inside
Process.all during a call to Update_Element. (The new rule is that you
can't call Replace_Element from inside Update_Element.)

I updated the containers last night (Sun 15 May) with this change, and
so you shouldn't get the exception anymore.


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Re: PROGRAM_ERROR in a-cidlli.adb:815 Matthew Heaney <mheaney at on2 dot com> Matthew Heaney <mheaney at on2 dot com> 2005-05-16 09:33:19 PDT
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